It’s the duty of every Cumslut faggot to serve as many Cocks and take as many Loads as pit can, as often as it can. 

For a real Cumslut faggot the type of guy doesn’t matter. The type of Cock doesn’t matter. What we Cumslut faggot’s prefer doesn’t matter. 

Gloryholes taught me this. The first time I knelt down and sucked off a complete stranger through a gloryhole I thought I was in heaven. But as good as that was, the best was  when I backed up for my first anon Loads.

Knowing that a complete stranger was pumping his Cum up my Cunt made me understand my purpose in life. It made me know I was a Cumslut who exists for Cocks to use and fill.

Serving anonymous Cock and taking anonymous Loads is a Cumslut faggot’s duty, but also the most satisfying way to live. 


  1. suboy7219

    July 8, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    I love backing up to the gloryhole when a hard cock comes through, the feeling that you are going to get an anon load in your ass.
    Not knowing if he is clean or will be passing on whatever he has. This adds to the excitement.
    After he cums and withdraws i always present my mouth to the gloryhole so i can clean His cock if he wishes.

  2. oldvirginfag

    July 10, 2019 at 12:05 am

    i went to the one glory hole in the town near where i live. i went there two to four nights a week. i sucked off two to five men a night. i did this for nearly four months. in that entire time no one fucked my offered ass. i quit going because i finally came out completely and accepted so much more about myself than just being a faggot. i got tested for everything at three, six and nine months. i am clean. i feel blessed. i am in a tentative relationship with a Master. not much is happening, but He has ordered me to stay away from that place and to not engage in any sex not expressly sanctioned by Him. i am remaining faithful and obediant to Him. my Master, maybe my owner. i do miss the glory hole and have to fight the temptation.

  3. cummsumer

    July 21, 2019 at 12:30 am

    I sure want to fulfill my duty and swallow mens cum and cocks . Especially at glory holes. No face no names just his cock dropping his cum deep inside of me. 24/7. I started desiring this later in life . still looking for man number 1.

  4. sissyslutgracie

    July 21, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    In a gloryhole one night and a large Cock Man told me to enter and suck. i closed the door and dropped but He reopens and slaps me says Leave it open! i am going to town on His Cock when another Man enters. The first Man grabs my hair, pulls me up as He stands, orders me to drop my shorts which exposes my pretty pink panties. He laughed and ripped my panties down, spins me around, pushes my head down and onto the other Mans Cock as He pushes His monster into my ass. Soon i am being driven between the two. Shortly after several more Cocks are out and i am now pumping two Cocks and being fucked by two. The Man in my mouth soon cums, i swallow it all and seconds after He pulls out one of the hand Cocks is being shoved deep down my throat and another is in my hand. i see the door wide open and more Men standing. it becomes a series of Cocks in my hands and deep into my mouth as the first Man continues to fuck my ass. Finally He grunts and begins pumping my ass full of cum and when He finally pulls out, another Cock is taking His place. It was a very busy night and i must have had a good dozen Cocks down my throat not sure how many in my ass. It finally ended and i very slowly pulled up my torn panties and pulled my shorts on. My mouth and ass very sore, my ass dripping cum and i finally walked out and staggered out to my car

  5. faggot-4-masters

    October 20, 2019 at 4:53 am

    The first time (when I realized that I was being chosen by an Alpha Top after a split second that he had looked into my eyes and recognized that I was a Submissive by birth) I was being used be an Alpha Top he tore me into the nearest corner and fucked me hard until he cam in my ass. But the second time an Alpha Top chose me at a party, he not only fucked me to his liking but also had a number of other guys fucking me in the ass while he put his cock in my mouth and Held my head so I was unable to look around to see who and how many guys were fucking and breading me.
    Being used and never being asked is not only my duty as a faggot and cumdump but also a pleasure. No matter what the guys look like and how they want to use me, I’ll ask for more, ask for their sperm to be pumped into me and thank them after they are done.

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