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    Bareback slave/faggot/Satanist

    Traditional Satanist/Worshiper of Satan/666. Haures is my Demon

    Into BDSM/Masochist . POZ/AIDS friendly. Cocksucker. Asslicker. Gift receiver.

    Proud to serve to Superior men to be use, humiliated and degraded. This faggot is always ready to receive cum in mouth and ass, the right place to me.
    Always willing to submit and obey to a Real Man.

    Have an insatiable need to serve and service.
    I’m nothing more than two holes.
    First a cocksucker deepthroater, cumswallower.
    Second to use as fuck toy and cumdump (bareback). POZ SEED welcome !
    I’m masochist and a depraved , raunchy, spit/sweat/piss/cum lover.
    I need a Real Man to tame me, break me, use and abuse me, all for his pleasure.
    Cam with me or chat with me on phone. TwisTed, 666, perv, BBBH, P0Z, cumdump, phone sex, cam slut

    Pubic Hair: Unshaved;
    Hairy Bodyzones:Buns, Pits, Legs
    Allergies: Latex, Pollen, Spermicides, condoms
    Sexual Diseases: HIV/AIDS positive

  • HAURES posted an update in the group Group logo of FULL BLOWN AIDS LOVERSFULL BLOWN AIDS LOVERS 1 week, 5 days ago

    Last night had a sexual MAnimal encounter with two horny skinny AIDS top that met my bottom hole with a useless dick. I got a breeding of toxic sperm loads and with toxic VERBAL fucking, wasted men breeds me! So I don’t see any problems, I am not against HIV SPREADING and NEW POZZ making.


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