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    I’m a faggot been obsessed with licking and drinking from toilets/urinals, getting breed by any dudes anonymously no questions asked for the safety of the users, random used condoms, spit, sniffing and licking dudes shoes, wearing dudes dirty underwear and dirty socks, bathing dudes, giving dudes a plumpkin, being manipulated, sadistic dudes, forced sex. I’m a cumdump piss drinker and care more about the needs of Dudes, over my own.

    Realizing that being forced is what suppresses the fear that has been holds me back as a faggot.
    Hoping to find the correct tools and education to become a better faggot in an Alpha Dudes world.

    New year’s resolutions
    8. Service as many dudes as possible keeping count, by December 31, 2020.
    7. Get roofed for dudes sex needs October 31,2020
    6. Receive anonymous poz loads by September 30,2020.
    5. Learn to be a sex slave, by August 31,2020.
    4. Participate in being a cumdum at a bathhouse or Cum Union in Chicago by June 30,2020
    3. Being pimped out to strangers for sex, for other dudes needs, by March 30, 2020.
    2. Slut it’s self out anonymously with ads online, book a motel first weekend in January and February for any dudes to use its holes.
    1. Drinking & licking from public uirnels every third week throughout the year starting week of January 12,2020.
    0. If it fails any of it’s goals within timeframes, it needs reinforcement somehow.

    Profile 1: https://my.barebackrt.com/BBbottomwick

    Profile 2: https://www.nastykinkpigs.com/bbbottomwick

    Profile 3:

    Profile 4:

    Tumblr: https://fag4dudes.tumblr.com/ ,

    It’s cell phone # 608-571-3519 ,

    Telegram: Bb_bottomwick ,

    Kik: Bb_bottomwick


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