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    i can’s understand the “safe-sex” philosophy, but i certainly can relate to his attitude after he got his first taste of taking a load. my philosophy always has been “if it ain’t raw, what’s ghe purpose?”

  • i started drinking piss while in high school, and it has been pretty much a regular part of my diet since. (Also, piss fucking but that’s for a different forum.) While some guys — perhaps a little piss-shy — go through the delicate business of retiring to the men’s room to piss into a beer bottle or glass and them bring it out for me to drink,…[Read more]

  • Oh yessss! constructionguy Sir, i would think that at the very least a friendship means the right to fuck me senseless. And of course, raw. If it ain’t raw, what’s the purpose? If only it was physically possible, but there is nothing i would want more than to have the baby of a Man such as You. i would raise it to understand that He is the…[Read more]

  • boycunt replied to the topic BBOnly in the forum BAREBACK DISCUSSION 1 week, 2 days ago

    Well, it’s just unnatural! If men were intended to fuck with condoms, they would have been born with condoms already attached.i think that a man who fucks with a condom is acknowledging that he is ot a true Alpha. A true Alpha wpuld not be scared, would not give a damn. He would be concerned ONLY for His own pleasure

  • Awesome gang rape last night. my teen blck Master and three of His friends. One of the buds was a gorgeous Arab guy. The Arab had the sweetest cum i’ve ever tasted.

  • my black teen Master can fuck me for over an hour before He explodes in orgasm. Remarkably, He sometimes will stay hard after cumming, keeping my cunt stuffed with His cock, His cum trapped inside me. Then after only a few minutes, He starts fucking again. i have never known a white guy who can do this — yet another example of the total…[Read more]

  • boycunt posted an update in the group Group logo of Throatfuck enthusiastThroatfuck enthusiast 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    There is something about a cock down my throat that reinforces the extent of my low-ness. i am on my knees, surely a sign of my inferiority. But i have taken a Man’s cock inside my throat and have given Him (sometimes a total stranger) the ability to cut off my intake of oxygen for as long as He wishes. BY doing this i have indicated to Him…[Read more]

  • boycunt posted an update in the group Group logo of Serving  Black and Arab MastersServing Black and Arab Masters 4 weeks ago

    my teen Black Master is going to move out of the public housing apartment He shares with His mother and younger sister, and into my apartment. It is appropriate that He have my bedroom.

  • boycunt posted an update in the group Group logo of Serving  Black and Arab MastersServing Black and Arab Masters 1 month ago

    my teen black Master took me back to the club last night. For the first time, He fucked my ass in front of the assembled group of black Masters. When He was done, He offered my cunt to anyone interested. Five awesome Black Men were interested and one after the other, they favored me with their incredible cocks. Each dropped an amazing load…[Read more]

  • boycunt posted an update in the group Group logo of Serving  Black and Arab MastersServing Black and Arab Masters 1 month ago

    Black cock is meant to be worshiped. white faggots’ highest reward is the opportunity to truly appreciate black cock. i am well on the road to having my Black God Master’s cock totally imprinted on my subconscious. Hours of licking it, sucking it, fondling it has given me the opportunity to learn its dimensions, its length, its awesome girth, how…[Read more]

  • my new teen age Black Master has moved aggressively to show me just who is boss. Last night He took me to one of the clubs in the city that is only available to Black Gods. i was the only white guy there, and He largely ignored me, kneeling at His feet while He chatted eith His magnificent Black buddies, except when He sent me to get drinks for…[Read more]

  • The black guy who occasionally (but not often enough) fucks me brought along His high school jock nephew last night. He said it was time His nephew learned about white faggots and the black man’s right to use them. It was an interesting evening. Npot only did the nephew learn about His rights as a Black Master, but i learned a lot about the…[Read more]

  • i got fucked this morning at work. The awesome UPS driver will sometimes fuck me if he is ahead of schedule. Lucky for me he was this morning. UPS hires the most incredible looking Black men as drivers, dresses them up in those hot shorts and turns them loose on admiring faggots like me.

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    It is a shame that football season is over. Nothing like being the only fag at a super bowl party with 8-10 beer-guzzling Alpha males, none of whom want to miss a minute of the game to take a leak. i drank gallons of piss as the Men watched the Patriots dispatch Los Angeles. Baseball doesn’t present the same opportunities for a faggot. Hockey…[Read more]

  • The superiority of black and Arab Masters is clear. The white man was put on Earth to serve Superior Blacks and Arabs. i was lucky enough to serve my very first Black Man when i was in high school. He was the father of a class mate. We were studying together at my mate’s house when his dad walked in, shirtless. i was in awe, and my studying…[Read more]

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