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  • bbdungeonadmin wrote a new post, POLL: WHAT’S YOUR TAKE ON CONDOMS? 1 year, 5 months ago

    We assume most the Men and fags here aren’t big on condoms. The BB in stands for Bareback, after all!

    But let’s have a poll and see what everyone really thinks!

    After taking the poll feel […]

    • only way to
      serveice my Masters
      is bareback is best

    • I never used condoms in my whole life. Bareback is the only way to serve a Top.

    • I exist to please Alpha men. I let him decide. I prefer bareback but if he wants to use a condom then I hope he will either feed it to me afterward or pour it out on my face. If he throws it away in my trash I dig it out after he leaves and eat it out

    • This faggot actually agrees with @sunsetbottom. it exists to serve and please REAL MEN, so THEY decide if THEY want to fuck it using a condom or not. Of course, in case THEY prefer using the condom; it always tries to rescue all the precious content in it in order to eat IT later, inject IT into its cunt or freeze IT to use IT later as a lube, etc.

    • I have met an amazing big dick Black top that no one would turn down that requires a condom. It was worth it. Eventually on one of the hookups he fucked me bare. So for me, it’s whatever the top wants.

    • There is one exception to my no condom rule, that is the cruel condom.

    • If the Alpha wants a condom, that’s what he wants.
      If I haven’t cleaned out it can ensure he stays clean.
      I had an alpha who would jack off into a condom and bring them to me as treats.

    • it hot to feel the loads
      cum and walking down street
      and men hear the sound of
      cum up my sloppy pussy arse

    • It’s always up to the real man. As a faggot, i don’t see my opinion on the matter relevant.

    • That choice is up to the real man. As a faggot I’ll accept whatever he decides upon.

      If he wants my holes dripping and filled with cum then so be it!

      And if he doesn’t then I have no right to say anything else.

    • i usually suck without a condom but at the early stages of a relationship, i feel it is wise for a condom to be worn when fucking. If the relationship continues and deepens and turns exclusive, then one can dispense with the condom.

    • bareback is the only way


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