You may have noticed we change up the main menu a bit. That’s because we did a bunch of thinking and back and forth and decided to change things up a bit … Groups are now open to everyone, free members and VIP alike!

But wait, there’s more! as the infomercials say. We opened up the chat room to everyone too!

We’re not just talking about accessing groups either. You’re all now free to create your own groups. You can do that from the group page or from a link on the main menu under “Community.”

For Our VIPS

At the same time we still wanted to find a fair way to reward our VIPs for your awesome support, so we decided to restrict the member directory and the activity stream, while leaving some of our more hardcore forums restricted too.

Next we improved the activity stream by adding live IM chat feature to just that page. Two cool things about that are that it has a mini version of the chat room, so you can basically be on the activity stream and in the chatroom at the same time AND you can shoot direct messages to anyone in the chatroom too.

BTW another great feature about the activity stream that you may not have known about is that it will show all the posts from any group you’re in in the same place. That’s cool because you don’t have to jump around to keep up with all the nasty updates and pics being posted in all your groups. Using the dropdown menu you can post directly to any group you want from the activity stream too.

We hope you like these changes and ask you to consider supporting the site by going VIP today. Also … spread the word about BBDungeon and these changes so that together we can grow this community into something truly special, nasty, and amazing!

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