Yes, a Master must often be hard and cruel when training his faggot slaves. 

They must learn total obedience and surrender to Master’s Will.

They must learn that they live for His pleasure, and for the pleasure of all Men He may slut them out to.

When they hesitate, or in any way disappoint, punishment must be swift and firm. 

But when they do well it is good to offer them a reward. 

The one reward a faggot slave craves most of all: CUM.


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    September 8, 2019 at 10:10 am

    I’m currently persuading a new slave candidate that chastity pleases Master. As a slave he should remember that. I’ve already ordered his small size device. I call him “teeny weeny” & he loves it and wants to learn about developing his pussy skills, but never worn chastity cages.
    Patience with important matters pays dividends in the end.
    Seeing his face as I touch, manhandle, and ultimately cage & lock his dicklet?Priceless.

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    September 27, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    i was in service to two Alpha Males for three years. Early on they put me in chastity, with the expressed aim of causing my cock to shrink — both by progressively confining it to smaller and smaller cages and through lack of use and physical stimulation. i thought (to myself, of course) that this probably wouldn’t work, but in fact it did work. When my cock finally was released from confinement it was no more than an inch long, and when “erect” (such as that was) maybe an inch and a half.

    The transformation that did occur, however, was to my ass, which progressively became the real center of my sexuality. When an ordinary man sees a hot guy, his cock chubs up. my ass starts to twitch. When i am being fucked, my ass goes into high gear, my cock (even now, unburdened by the chastity device) stays totally soft.

    So in the end it makes no difference if the cock gets smaller due to long term chastity or not. The real difference is to the ass, which is what any faggot should be concerned with.

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    October 20, 2019 at 4:40 am

    As a bottom I found that my cock being visible was inappropriate, no matter if hard or soft, sometimes fuckers felt the need to stroke it. Therefore I started wearing jockstraps when being fisted, later all the time.
    When I first saw a chastity cage on tumbl, I was immediately aroused and bought several in differents shapes and sizes and putting them on really turned me on.
    So far non of the guys who frequently fist and fuck me has asked me to wear it (even though I have sent pictures of me weraing a castity cage), but I feel it is their choice and not my place to force it onto them. So I’ll wait for the first Top to demand from me to wear one. Until then I will try to bring myself to going to a public party fully naked wearing nothing but shoes and a chastity cage.

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