Hey sluts and Studs

Here’s some news for ya …

Friend Connections Are Back!

As you may have noticed we FINALLY figured out the friend request prob.


So make those friend connections! The more you do, the more active and fun the site will become. =)

Groups Groups Groups!

Along with that, the “Send Invites” feature on Groups is fixed. That’s a BIG one and will make it way easier for getting others in your groups.

Speaking of your groups … Did you know that as a VIP member you can create your very own groups? They can be public or private too. Whatever you want. We encourage more of you VIPs to do that.

Gift VIP Memberships!

We added this a while back after it was requested by a few forward thinking VIP sluts … Gift VIP Membership. We think it’s a great way for fags to reward Superior Alpha Men. And all of us want more Superior Alpha Men here, right? =)

So check out the Gift VIP Membership Options we have available, and reward those Superior Alpha Men like they deserve!

Sister Sites!

This is super exciting … We have not one, not two, but THREE sister sites in the works as we speak. They should be great compliments to BBDungeon but each will have its own feel and focus. One is just for Sissy Sluts. Another all Bareback focused. And a third is yet to be decided, but will be another faggot oriented site. So … keep checking back for updates!

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