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    So I love hypno. Having a dominant man in my head, warping me and fucking me up is super hot. But it’s also hot to do what I can on my own outside of hypno to speed up my descent into full blown faggothood.

    They say memories change just a tiny bit every time we recall them, so what I’ve started doing is taking things that used to turn me off or I was ashamed that I did and thinking about them while I masturbate.

    When I was 21 I got catfished by a guy who said he was early 40s and hung, but when I got there he was 70 and overweight and not hung. I had already drove there, so I stayed and he gave me a massage and I sucked his cock. I felt really ashamed of that hookup for years.

    But I’m a hypno brainwashing faggot! So for the next week or two, every time I masturbate, I’m going to change that memory little by little: he was a hot old daddy and the reason I stayed was really because I was fucking turned on. I was a grandpa chaser and I wanted him even more when I saw him. I was lucky to get to suck his cock and swallow his cum.

    I’m gonna warp my own mind every time I masturbate until that last paragraph is the only way I remember it and I’ve turned that memory into the hottest hookup of my youth.


    whore @stupidhimbohole

    You should brainrape yourself with My audio mindfucks, faggot.

    Either way … your desire to brainwash yourself into deeper faggotry is to be applauded. However, you error in trying to alter the memory so that “he was a hot old daddy.” Instead, revise it to focus on YOURSELF. You were a filthy whore. You wanted an ugly old man to use you. You had no shame, and have no shame. You wanted it. You needed it. You were just degenerate faggot whore. You are just a degenerate faggot whore.


    I’m looking for hypnosis tapes to condition me to take poz loads and convert


    @FagMasterPDX you’re absolutely right, Sir!

    I was a filthy degenerate faggot whore and I wanted an ugly old man to use me. That’s the real truth in that memory. I was a filthy shameless faggot whore then, I have been a filthy shameless faggot whore ever since, and I’ll be a filthy shameless faggot whore forever.


    @FagMasterPDX: That is very helpful advice. Thank you sir!


    you fags just need an alpha top like me talking you through a mind fuck same time as I fuck your cunt. You won’t know which is being fucked over more.


    @constructionguy: You are absolutely right sir. That is what I need. I only wish there were men living around where I am. I NEED someone to break me in properly!

    Unfortunately so far I had no luck with meeting real alpha men…


    @constructionguy that would be a dream come true!


    One of my most formative steps into faggotry was a period during my teens where I would regularly suck off this old guy in his 60s that lived nearby. He was obese, asthmatic, and had a tiny dick. He was not attractive. But naturally, was very happy to regularly feed me his load. The focus was always on the cum.

    This is why I’ve always thought I’m a natural faggot. I had no qualms about debasing myself, either for another’s pleasure or to satisfy my own spermlust. And as a result of feeling inherently conditioned to be a faggot, I’ve never really had much in terms of standards and can always get cock and sperm easily. Being cheap has its benefits.


    @spermfaggot yes! being a cheap and trashy faggot with no standards is the best!


    Just starting getting to being tranced, hypnosis, and brainwashing. I notice its really help me to relax a lot more and to enjoy Kinky sex without guilt.


    i was on the baseball team in high school (third base), and in addition to playing ball, i became the team cum dump. A tradition sort of grew up. After a win, any teammate who wanted his cock sucked or who wanted to fuck ass could have at me. The others either watched or showered up and went on home — whatever. And that was how i learned that i was a faggot and what faggots were for. my faggot duties quickly expanded. The catcher after one practice, announced that his mom was away and that he needed someone to wash his jocks and uniforms. Some guy said he would ask his mother if she would, but the catcher just turned to me and said “No, you’ll do it, faggot.” And of course i did. Soon i was washing a bunch of the guys’ uniforms, i was bringing them food in the cafeteria, washing their cars, helping them with (meaning doing) their homework. i learned the multiple duties of a faggot then and there — no hypnosis necessary (but plenty of mind fucking).


    I’m interested in hypnosis and especially having triggers and suggestions embedded. I’m in the Chicago Metro Area. Are there any men or fellow whores skilled at hypnosis?

    This thread is great, thanks for starting it.


    While you jerk try saying out loud “i’m a filthy degenerate faggot whore” over and over again. It feels so good to give in to what you truely are and to confirm that by rewarding your body with pleasure. I tell myself i’m a dumb pathetic loser and I am also lookin for more ways to brainwash myself and be even more of dumb chronic bater loser.

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