We are an online community of faggot sluts who love serving and being used by hardcore Alpha Men.

We are hardcore Alpha Men who love using faggots. 

We are Cocksuckers, Cumsluts, trashy whores, sissy sluts, and groveling slaves.

We are brutal Breeders, Agro face-fuckers, and Alpha Despots that rule fags with our Dicks.


Suck COCK. Serve MEN.  

Fuck HARD.  Fuck RAW. 

No fear. No condoms.

No Bullshit. No regrets


We affirm and celebrate all kinds of freaky kinky fetishes. Here are just some we especially like.

  • faggot mastery/slavery
  • Anonymous, “risky,” BAREBACK sex
  • Used condom cum collecting
  • Gloryhole sucking and breeding
  • Humiliation and abuse
  • Forcefuck/brutal breeding
  • Sissification
  • Financial domination
  • Watersports/urinal faggotry
  • Sleezy bath house scenes
  • POZ pride/POZ fetish
  • Cock worship
  • Man/Alpha worship
  • Mental, physical and emotional power play


If you’re not a member and have questions, shoot us a line HEREIf you’re a member the best route is to reach out to one of our administrators or moderators on site. 

Remember, Members: BBDungeon.com is meant to be YOUR site, and we want it to grow into the kind of slutty hardcore community YOU not only love, but take real ownership in. So your feedback and suggestions are super welcome.


We massively believe in Free Speech, Hate Censorship, and don’t like lots of rules. But as you probably know Big Brother is waging a war against Internet freedom, and adult oriented websites especially. So we have no choice in the matter. 

For that reason, and to make this new community the best experience it can be for everyone, here are some basic Dos and Don’ts:

DON’T . . .

1. Spam, troll, or do/advocate/solicit anything illegal. That now includes anything related to offering, or soliciting, escort services.

2. Share images of minors or discuss them sexually. Period

3. Share pictures showing blood, scat, needles/slamming. Period.

4. Harass or insult members . . .  unless they enjoy that, of course!

5. Be politically correct. There’s no law against it, but we hate that shit.

6. Preach or complain to others about their fetishes if they differ from yours. 

7. TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It won’t get ya booted, but it’s just irritating.

DO . . .

1. Take ownership of the community. BBDungeon is all about becoming what YOU make it. 

2. Reduce your images to a reasonable size before sharing. Like around 500-800px, tops. 

3. Let us know if anyone is breaking the rules. We RELY on you to help us moderate and keep the community cool.  

4. Tell your like-minded Alpha and fag friends about us and invite them to join! We don’t advertise and want this to be a word-of-mouth community so it will attract the nastiest and best members. Like you!

5. Consider becoming a VIP member. For just $5.99 a month you keep us going and growing. You also get access to special VIP areas, like the chat room and groups! More VIP bonuses are in the works too. 

6. Have Nasty-as-fuck fun!

Also see our Terms of Service for the more extensive rules that Big Brother makes every website have.
We are a proud supporters of the …