Do we fags and sluts need a reminder of how wonderful Cum is? Maybe not, but let’s sing the praises of Cum anyway because Cum deserves to be celebrated!

So here’s some reasons Cum is wonderful.

1. It Tastes Amazing

Some sluts love the taste of Cum the very first time a salty Load touched the tongue.

For others Cum is an acquired taste. But it doesn’t take long to acquire it for a faggot slut.

Nothing tastes better to a faggot than Cum. Most of us would slurp it down by the gallons every day if we could!

2. It Gives You Whore Breath

Have you noticed how your breath smells after you’ve sucked a few Cocks and had a few Loads fill your mouth? Let’s call it Whore Breath.

Even tho normal people may prefer minty breath, for us faggot sluts Whore breath is much, much better. It’s like the aftertaste of a job well done. Or maybe a BLOWjob well done!

3. It Has A Wonderful Texture

You wouldn’t think that “slimy” could be an appealing texture, but for some reason it’s the perfect texture for Cum.

After a Man (or a few Men!) erupt streams of Cum into your mouth it feels nice to explore the texture with your tongue. To move the Cum around, and feel it coat the mouth and teeth in that special way only Cum can do.

Not to mention how it feels in the cunt. Wonderful! And the perfect lube for the next Man who wants to plant another Load in you.

4. You Never Know How Much You’ll Get

Every time you suck a new Cock you never know how much Cum it’s going to feed you.

Even a little Load is great and nothing to complain about, but sometimes we get lucky and the Man erupts like Vesuvius, shooting thick geysers of white liquid gold into our mouths.

It’s fun never knowing when you’ll strike the Cum jackpot. It’s like winning the faggot lottery!

5. It’s Delivered Through Cock

When you’re craving a Pepsi and open a bottle you don’t LOVE the bottle, however much you may love the Pepsi. You don’t lick the bottle, suck the bottle, worship the bottle.

But we do with Cock! However much we may crave the Cum it can give us, we lick, suck, and worship Cock for its own sake. How wonderful is it that Cum should have such an amazing “delivery mechanism” as Cock?

6. It’s The Essence Of Man

Maybe most important of all, Cum is wonderful because it is the essence of Man.

When a Man is kind enough to feed his Cum to us, or fuck his Cum into our faggot cunts he’s sharing his DNA, his masculinity in liquid form.

Wow! That all by itself is enough to make Cum wonderful!

Your Turn

How much do you love Cum? What makes it wonderful to you? Share your thoughts and Cum-love in the comment section below.

Want to take your Cum-love to a deeper level? To full on CUM-craving, Cum-needing, and become a full on Cum-addicted, Cum-junkie faggot? Then we recommend FagMaster’s audio mind-fuck Cum Addict. So hot. So works.

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